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DigiHipe provides everything which you required for App Store Optimization which has become the new standard for mobile app and games marketing.

App Promotion

Promote your app with world’s top publishers ,
paying only for actual installs.

Game Promotion

Boost your game installs and get the real results, paying only for actual installs, not for impressions or clicks.

Social Media Marketing

We help them in a process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram.

Pricing Table

Basic Plan

$0.1per Install
  • Best price for basic
  • Apps & Games
  • 100 Installs for $10
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Silver Plan

550 installs for $50
  • Best package for multiple
  • Apps & Games
  • (* 5 Apps max)
  • On Sale – Get 50 extra installs
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Social Media Marketing

  • Affordable and value
  • packed pricing for
  • all customers.
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About us

DigiHipe is a Hong Kong based digital marketing company specializing in helping to grow your apps and games with standardize and unique techniques. DigiHipe provide everything you need to get your app more attention to targeted users.

Normally app publishers hurry into a development stage with a solid idea in hand and a team to shape it but unfortunately they skip some vital planning steps which are very important to make sure you hit the mark when you get your product out to the market.

A complete strategic plan prior to the beginning of the development of your idea can help you better understand your market, competition and your user which will use your app. DigiHipe know about the digital marketing and we will work with you and your team to understand your needs and help them to promote your app and game so can get the better position of your app in the marketplace.

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